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Planetary Mixer ÖPM 60

It can be used universally. It is wonderful for mixing, trimming, kneading.. bakeries, pastries, hotels, cafes and large kitchens.. simple and secure usage. The mixing and trimming machines are developed for users who asks for extreme money saving with extraordinary high quality for production of various materials.

A strong rotating electrical motor with high efficiency

Free moving mixing head without any maintenance requirement

Each machine can be equipped with various size cauldron

The cauldron sizes are 20, 45 ,60 liters

The height of the cauldron can be adjusted

The cauldrons and the equipments are made from stainless steel.

The wiring is in compliance with European norms

The tension in control circuit is 24 Volts


Length: 80 cm

Width: 70 cm

Height: 130 cm